Lorne Cancer Conference 2019

A/Professor Clare Stirzaker

A/Professor Clare Stirzaker is Group Leader of the Epigenetic Deregulation in Cancer group in the Genomics and Epigenetics Division at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney.

She has made highly significant contributions to the field of DNA methylation and deregulation of the epigenome in cancer and has played an integral role in developing new epigenetic technologies. This work has underpinned many of the seminal findings of the group, including the discovery that large chromosomal domains are both epigenetically silenced and activated in cancer.
More recently, through whole genome methylation studies in breast and prostate cancer, she has shown that cancer methylomes are extensively remodeled, giving rise to new insights into the mechanisms and clinical relevance of epigenetic deregulation in cancer.

She completed her PhD at Macquarie University, Sydney and in 2004 A/Prof Stirzaker established her own group at the Garvan Institute, which is focussed on understanding how the epigenome becomes deregulated in cancers.