Dr Andrei Goga

Dr. Goga is a physician-scientist and professor at the University of California, San Francisco.  He is a basic investigator as well as a medical oncologist whose lab is focused on studies of oncogene signaling and the identification of new therapeutic strategies to target currently undrugable oncogenes. He received basic science training in the lab of Dr. Owen Witte, studying aspects of BCR-ABL oncogene signaling (MD/PhD) and Drs. David Morgan and J. Michael Bishop studying aspects of cell cycle deregulation in MYC-driven cancers (post-doc).  He began his independent lab at UCSF in 2007 and was promoted to Professor (tenured) in 2015. He currently holds the UCSF Gazarian endowed chair, as well as joint appointments in the Departments of Medicine and Cell & Tissue Biology at UCSF.

Dr. Goga's lab has focused on some of the most aggressive and difficult to treat human cancers, including receptor triple-negative breast cancer, as well as liver and lung cancers, that over-express the MYC oncogene.  His studies uncovered a number of new cell cycle, metabolic and small RNA targets that are synthetic-lethal with MYC over-expression in primary tumors and early tumor metastasis. Discoveries from his laboratory have led to novel therapeutic studies that target CDK1/2 and immune checkpoint blockade in receptor triple-negative breast cancers.  Recent studies from the Goga lab have identified a number of metabolic pathways that are deregulated in vivo in MYC-driven tumors, including the requirement for fatty acid oxidation and alterations in glutathione metabolism.  Current efforts are underway to exploit these metabolic vulnerabilities for new patient therapeutics.  Dr. Goga is a recipient of a CDMRP Era of Hope Scholar award, a Leukemia Lymphoma Scholar and Susan G. Komen Scholar awards, and has been elected to the American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI).  www.oncogenes.net 

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