Prof Andreas Strasser


Key discoveries have been that abnormalities in cell death control can cause cancer or autoimmune disease; that BCL-2 antagonizes multiple pathways to cell death; that activation of the BCL-2 regulated apoptotic pathway is critical for the response of malignant cells to many anti-cancer therapeutics; that BCL-2 collaborates with deregulated MYC expression in tumorigenesis; that BCL-2 inhibits the death of lymphocytes that fail to receive a signal through cytokine or antigen receptors; that BCL-2 and death receptors regulate distinct pathways to apoptosis; that DNA damage can induce apoptosis in lymphocytes via a pathway that is independent of p53 but can be blocked by BCL-2; the discovery of pro-apoptotic BH3-only proteins BIM and BMF; that BH3-only proteins are essential for initiation of programmed cell death and stress-induced apoptosis; that BIM is required for negative selection of autoreactive thymocytes, mature T cells and B cells; that the BH3-only proteins PUMA and NOXA are essential for DNA damage-induced apoptosis mediated by the tumour suppressor p53 or its relative p63.



1984                    MSc, Basel Institute for Immunology and University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland

1988                    PhD, Basel Institute for Immunology and University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland



Alan W Harris Personal Chair in Experimental Cancer Biology, The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Melbourne, Australia (WEHI)

NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellow

Joint Division Head (with Prof Jerry M Adams), Molecular Genetics of Cancer Division, WEHI

Honorary Professor, Department of Experimental Biology, University of Melbourne



1983 ‑ 1984         Postgraduate, Biocenter, University of Basel, Switzerland

1984                    Postgraduate, Centro de Investigacion sobre Fijacion de Nitrogeno, Cuernavaca, Mexico

1985 ‑ 1988         PhD student, Basel Institute for Immunology and the University of

                            Basel, Switzerland

1988 ‑ 1989         Member of the Basel Institute for Immunology, Basel, Switzerland

1989 ‑ 1993         Postdoctoral Fellow, WEHI

1994 - 1995         NHMRC Research Fellow, WEHI

1996 - 1998         NHMRC Senior Research Fellow, WEHI

1999 - 2003         NHMRC Principal Research Fellow, WEHI

2004 - 2007         NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellow, WEHI

2007 - 2012         NHMRC Australia Fellow, WEHI

2013 -                  NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellow, WEHI



1988                    PhD with summa cum laude

1989 ‑ 1990         Fellowship for junior scientists from the Swiss National Science Foundation

1990 ‑ 1991         Extension of Fellowship from the Swiss National Science Foundation through

                            L and Th La Roche Foundation

1991                    Fellowship for senior scientists from the Swiss National Science Foundation

1991 - 1994         Special Fellow, Leukemia Society of America

1992                    Winner of the Burnet Prize (Melbourne, Australia)

1996                    Winner of The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute Seminar Prize

1997                    Winner of The Friedrich Miescher Prize (Switzerland)

1997 - 2002         Scholar, Leukemia Society of America

1998                    Winner of the Dr Josef Steiner Cancer Research Prize (Switzerland)

2000                    Winner of the Glaxo Wellcome Australia Prize with David Vaux

2001                    Member of the Editorial Academy of the International Journal of Oncology

2003                    Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science

2004 - ongoing    Professor (Honorary) The University of Melbourne

2007 - 2012         NHMRC Australia Fellow

2009                    Associate (Foreign) Member of the European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO)

2011                    Victoria Prize (Victoria, Australia)

2014                    La Vallee Award (US)

2014                    Einstein Award of the Chinese Academy of Science

2015                    1st Cell Death and Differentiation Career Achievement Award

2016                    ECDO Award




Editorial Boards (Current)

1998-                   Associate Editor                     Cell Death and Differentiation

2000-                   Associate Editor                     Genes to Cells

2000-                   Highlights Advisory Panel     Nature Reviews Immunology

2002-                   Associate Editor                     International Journal of Molecular Medicine

2003-                   Associate Editor                     Current Opinion in Immunology

2004-                   Associate Editor                     Journal of Experimental Medicine

2008-2014           Associate Editor                     Journal of Cell Biology


Organizational Memberships

1994 -    Australian Society of Immunology

1997 -    National Association of Research Fellows of NHMRC

1999 -    International Cell Death Society (New York)

2009 -    American Association of Cancer Research (AACR)

2009 -    American Association of Immunology (AAI)



1998 -                                Genentech Inc, South San Francisco, CA, BH3 mimetics

2000-2001                         Genetrol Biotherapeutics Inc., South San Francisco, CA

2005-2006                         Biota, Melbourne, Australia

2006-2008                         Pfizer, Global Research and Development

2013-                                 Servier, Development of BH3 mimetics for cancer therapy

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